Film Weddings, Engagements & Anniversaries

We offer a truly bespoke service tailored specifically to your requirements and budget. Using high production values and multiple HD broadcast cameras as standard, we capture your special day from every angle, edit to your favourite music and deliver a memory for you and your family to cherish for years to come.

Film Weddings

Filming your wedding day from the bride and groom preparing, capturing you and your guests from the moment you arrive for your ceremony to your first dance and final carriages.  Wedding films are tailored to your expectations and versions of your final cut film delivered as a 5 minute promo, 30 minute feature edit or a duration of your choice.

Tailor Your Film Schedule

Sequence 1             Bride & Groom preparing on the day.

Sequence 2             Arrival of guests and bridal party to the service.

Sequence 3             Your wedding service and signing of the register.

Sequence 4             Bride and groom leaving the service.

Sequence 5             Wedding Party mingling and set up of reception.

Sequence 6             After dinner speeches and cutting of the cake.

Sequence 7             Drinks and arrival of additional guests.

Sequence 8             The first dance of the bride and groom.

Sequence 9             Last dance and final carriages.

Optional Services

Ceremony Edit:
An edit of your wedding ceremony played out on monitor during your reception.

Diary Room:
Video messaging allows your guests to leave a personal message to camera, a section of which can be included within your final cut film.

Enhances any wedding day film, capturing stunning aerial shots of you, your guests and location.

Wedding Live:
Live Streaming allows guests who unfortunately can’t make your wedding day to view the ceremony from anywhere in the world in real time. 

Video Invitation & Thank you cards:
We can shoot and edit your film then download it to the card, a fun way to invite or thank your friends and family. We promise you a simple and fun experience!

Using the latest technology, cards include a digital screen and a set of speakers providing you high quality video and sound, allowing you to show and play in the most pleasant and surprising way!

Your Music

Music is integral to your story and your film, no doubt you’ll have several favourite tracks which remind you of one another. We’d like you to choose up to 10 music tracks that we will clear and feature in your wedding day films.

The Final Cut

Your 5-minute promo featuring highlights, a trailer of your wedding day cut to your choice of music and perfect for sharing with friends and uploading to social networking sites. A 30-minute feature edit, your wedding story told as it unfolds, watch the most important parts of the day as they happened.

film wedding